Last Degree

The ”last degree” is an opportunity for ”normal” people to ski the last 120 km to the South Pole. If you want to do a ski trip from one of the shelf ice’s you will spend 35-60 days skiing to the South Pole. The Antarctic continent is as big as North America and Mexico and it hold 90% of the fresh water on the planet earth.

I was working for a company called Antarctic Logistics and Expedition and they offer a 12 day ski trip to the South Pole. We where 2 guides and 7 client on this trip all from different part of the world. After one day of preparation we flew with 2 Twin Otter aircrafts for about 4 hours with a refuel on the way to 89° south at 3000m of altitude. From there we spent 8 days skiing to the South Pole, we average 6-7 hours skiing per day and we travelled 2.5 km/h. It was cold, steady -30 but we where lucky with almost no wind. We slept in tents and we used sledges to transport our equipment. The last day we could see the Amundsen-Scott base 7 hours before we reached the South Pole and our camp. We slept one night at the pole before flying back to our main camp with a DC3/Basler aircraft, Union glacier is the headquarter for Antarctic Logistics and Expedition (ALE).

A fantastic trip and a great feeling to get the opportunity to guide a ski to the South Pole.

Anders Swensson


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